I close my eyes, tell us why must we suffer. Release your hands, for your will drags us under.

Greetings! Welcome to ZerudaORG, Crystal’s collective domain. This small collective serves as an outlet where I can ramble about some of my favorite characters or games in the form of small sites commonly known as shrines. I love to talk about some of my favorite things and creating sites seemed to be the best way to share my thoughts on things I love. Everything found here is dedicated to something dear to my heart, and, as such, I like to put nothing less than my best effort into each and every single site I create and infuse much of myself into everything I do. It’s just something I love to do. If you happen to have any comments or questions regarding anything around the site feel free to contact me. Other than that I hope you enjoy your stay!

ZerudaORG is my collective domain which houses all sites owned by me. Building websites is a ton of fun and a great way for me to express myself about the things I am passionate about. Unfortunately, I love a lot of things which has resulted in the making of a lot of sites. That was fine for a while, but I’ve reached a point in time where I just don’t have time for so many sites anymore. As such I’m being a little more strict on what I make shrines for. This means instead of making shrines for a bunch of things I’m only going to focus on subjects that mean to the most to me. Too much in the past I’ve made shrines for subjects that I may have only liked for a short period of time and that doesn’t sit well with me. I like the idea of coming back to my sites and either fixing them up or adding more content to them. But yes, most of my sites are shrines dedicated to some of my favorite characters, but I run other sites too, such as directories, cliques, and fanlistings. I’m a huge Nintendo fan, and if you haven’t noticed all but two my video game shrine subjects can be found on a Nintendo console. I swear that wasn’t on purpose. I didn’t even notice it until a friend pointed it out to me. I’m also a huge fan of female characters, although I haven’t quite figured out what it is that draws me to them. I will figure this out one day. Maybe. It could also be a secret to everyone (couldn’t resist the Zelda reference, sorry!).

ZerudaORG made its internet debut on May 18, 2006 and is the first and only domain owned by me. I briefly owned another name, which I had intended to have replace zeruda.org, but I chose not to, instead using it for a fanlisting collective for a brief time. I’m glad I listened to my gut because I think I would have regretted it otherwise. The name “Zeruda” comes from the Japanese pronunciation of the name “Zelda”, a name many may recognize as the princess of the Legend of Zelda video game series. She’s a dear character to me and I love the name to bits. The name was purchased from GoDaddy on May 16, 2006, and is hosted by them as well.

Currently we are on version 32 of the domain which features a female elezen arcanist and her carbuncle from the video game Final Fantasy XIV. I know I’ve just had a FFXIV layout but I’m still so in love with this game that I couldn’t help using another image from it. I decided to go with an arcanist because that was my starting class on the character who would become my main and build so many memories with. I know my arcanist/summoner is a miqo’te, but I happen to have a soft spot for elezen too (they are actually my second favorite race believe it or not). I tried to take a different approach to the layout and let me tell you it was not easy. I tried doing so many things I had never done before and somehow all of them worked. I’m pretty happy about this because I love how this layout turned out. The layout was made by me using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and then coded by hand using Notepad. The image used, I don’t remember where exactly I found it. I should pay better attention on these things. Patterns used were found at Subtle Patterns. Fonts used are Cardinal and Footlight MT Light. Previous layouts used may be found at my layout archive.

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